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God, who is an Eternal Spirit, created our universal presence, in Heaven, as Eternal Spirit Life Energy, in His likeness. Our same Spirit, which now resides within our body, is the only thing that is eternal, everything else perishes...the body, material things and the spheres.

Therefore, if we were living an infinite Life in Heaven with the Lord, how did we transition to living a finite Life, on Earth, captive to certain death? We desire our lives to last forever! Truth is: We each, individually, betrayed God (sinned), rebelled, and therefore, you and I were cast out of Heaven along with Lucifer; whereby, the Force of Gravity holds us away from God’s Holy Presence. We now live in the darkness of the abyss and this darkness is real, close your eyes, what do you see? The darkness that we still are!

The evidence of your betrayal and rebellious behavior is your undeniable Natural Death which is to come: “For the wages of sin is death” (Rom 6:23), in Heaven, and on Earth. As a result, you see death happening all around you, and you know that, in the back of your mind, you could be next. Therefore, we were sinners long before Adam and Eve were created, hence the reason that we are born sinners. And the reason for planting the two trees in the Garden of Eden, as well as the writing of the names of the redeemed in the Book of Life.

Follow this chronological journey through our Eternal History as we examine how death fits into the mystery of our eternal life. Discover the cause, intent, and consequences of the only two death sentences and penalties that God has ever issued to His Creation.

We will evaluate Science (Man-Made Theories) and Technology, alongside Creation which reveals God’s Divine Redemption Plan to save us from a Second Death (Rev 20:14), with Heaven, Hell, Earth, Satan, Jesus, all of us…the Angels, Death and Time, each having a role to play. “Time” was designed to take us from the beginning of God’s redemption plan to the end, yet “Time” is personal because upon your demise, it is said that your time is up, and you are buried, but “Time” marches on according to God’s purpose alone.

You will come to realize that God is NOT to blame for all the “ills” in the world; for His objective is to redeem us through Jesus Christ so that we will avoid The Second Death based on freedom of CHOICE between…eternal life and eternal death which is before us, daily: “I have set before you life and death…choose life” (Deut. 30:19). God’s plan allows for the summation of our life’s choices and decisions to make our eternal choice for us. This is why death is designed as a surprise element and not a planned event, you cannot plan your choice, you must live your choice!

This book series will explore how God repurposed the Earth for our redemption…the design details, End Time Prophecy, DNA Manipulation, and the current biomedically engineered plagues (Coronavirus, etc.) or Death Tests that are before us. And will reveal the elite’s purpose for UFOs and Computer Technology that allows them to communicate and receive knowledge from the darkness of the unseen realm, or as they call them…Aliens; as a result of the “Tree” selection in the Garden…And to our surprise, we do “certainly die” (Gen 2:17 NIV).

We are living near the close of God's redemption plan…The End Times, therefore, the diagram: War In Heaven/You! Expelled from Heaven* AND the Exercises at the end of each book are designed to help you gain more understanding and to aid you in determining if what you believe is fact or fiction before your certain date with death. You are awaiting your turn to die, like me…right? The goal is to enable you to make an informed decision about your life, death and eternal future!

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