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Beautifully Broken to Peace: The Power of a Healed Woman
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Beautifully Broken to Peace: The Power of a Healed Woman

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About The Book

When Keianna's life takes an unexpected turn, her once blissful marriage crumbles into a painful and heartbreaking divorce. Amidst the shattered pieces of her life, Keianna learns to embrace her vulnerability and confront her deepest insecurities. Guided by resilience and an unwavering spirit, she embarks on a transformative path towards healing and self-discovery.

Beautifully blending vulnerability and strength, "Beautifully Broken to Peace" showcases Keianna's courageous journey as she learns to let go of the past, embrace her imperfections, and find peace within herself. Her uplifting story reminds readers that there is beauty in brokenness and strength in vulnerability.

Join Keianna as she emerges from the ashes of her heartbreaking divorce, sharing valuable life lessons and inspiring women across the globe to embrace their own journeys of healing, empowering them to rise stronger and become beautifully whole once again.

Beautifully Broken to Peace is an absolute gem of a book. It is a literary masterpiece that will bless the lives of many people. - Yama Fleming

About The Author

Keianna Williams is a multi-talented powerhouse! She's not just a serial entrepreneur but also a certified holistic wellness practitioner, a master transformation coach, a speaker, and a published author. Keianna's mission is to empower and inspire women to embrace their true selves and live life to the fullest. She's like a superhero for the soul!

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