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Being Me
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Being Me

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Embark on a journey with Eddie EL'Amin as he shares the profound insights and principles he discovered through a dedicated study of two of the world's most influential religious texts. After a personal upheaval, Eddie found solace and guidance in the Bible, which he read cover to cover. This transformative experience led him to delve into the Qur'an, offering a unique perspective on the teachings that have shaped his life and mission.

From the Qur'an, the author learned the importance of worshiping and being submissive to God, treating oneself and others with kindness, and caring for the underprivileged. These teachings resonated deeply, inspiring a lifelong commitment to helping those deemed underprivileged and offering sound advice and support, regardless of immediate receptivity. Emphasizing the power of words, the author advises careful and considerate communication, always investigating before sharing, to avoid harm and spread the truth.

The journey through these sacred texts reinforced the necessity of respecting all religions and beliefs. The author advocates for understanding and respecting differences, recognizing the shared value of faith, self-care, and community support across religious lines.

Through continuous reading and reflection, the Bible and the Qur'an provided the author with profound peace, power, and confidence, revealing new insights with each reading. The texts served as sources of healing and tranquility, offering solace and strength in both physical and spiritual realms.

"Being Me" also highlights the practical applications of these teachings in everyday life. The author's faith-driven approach to life’s challenges, from teaching college courses on credit to caring for their mother, exemplifies a life guided by divine purpose and gratitude. Each day is celebrated as a gift, an opportunity to live out one's faith and contribute positively to the world.

Don't just read about it, join Eddie EL'Amin on this inspiring journey of faith, learning, and service. Discover how the combined wisdom of the Bible and the Qur'an can bring peace, understanding, and a deeper connection to God in your own life. Together, let's explore the transformative power of these texts.

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