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Why Read Money Made Me Crazy
Dr. J. Alexander Martin is an American Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer. Having been trained in Fashion Design, J. has learned how to detect, uncover, and predict future designs. His military background enables J. to quickly adjust to fashion trends and market conditions. J. believes in his God-given ability to create and structure business systems with a big-picture mindset. Having built a Fashion Empire with his business partners, J. gives back to his community through various charities as well as hosts and trains young entrepreneurs on how to launch successful business enterprises.
This book, Money Made Me Crazy, is written to help and shape both young and seasoned minds to take another step to reach higher levels of impact through proven strategies that have worked for years. Dr. J. Alexander Martin’s personal accounts of the struggles and challenges to attaining business and financial success are priceless to anyone who dares to read this book and learn from him. He speaks with ease and authority, and creatively crafts the pictures in your mind. I cherish the moments he drops a nugget of wisdom on me. Ted Mclyman is my personal mentor, coach, business consultant, and Behavioral Financial Expert. His contributions to understanding how our behavior influences our Money making and spending habits are immensely significant. I can personally attest to his unique insights on the question of Money Spending Habits. I won’t be the success that I am without his mentorship. A must-read for anyone seeking financial liberation. It starts with your money habits. -
Reuben Wanjala,
CEO Leeds Press Corp

Money Made Me Crazy, How I Squandered Millions Building An Empire is an important book. Dr. J. Alexander and Ted build a compelling case that our biology, beliefs, and culture conspire against us when we spend our money. As a result, we miss opportunities and irrationally spend on things we neither need nor - sometimes - can afford. I’ve done this, and so have many people I know. I can match J story-for-story on crazy spending. He is not the only one who has squandered a small fortune building FUBU.
I know from my experience with Shark Tank people do not appreciate how emotional money is. I doubt anyone would watch the show if we asked each contestant to sit at a table next to their lawyer and brief their business plan using spreadsheets, charts and graphs, and market projections. I know I wouldn’t. And I’m on the show. Our viewers watch every week to see and share the emotions of genuine people making life-changing money decisions. And it’s the emotions you see on Shark Tank that J and Ted discuss in this vital book. Dr. J. Alexander and I have been friends since junior high school. He’s like a brother. We have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly, building a business and spending our money. Fortunately, this has been a magnificent journey. But I can’t help but wonder how much better the money could have been if we had this book when we were getting started—just knowing something as simple as our Money Temperaments could have saved us countless hours and millions of dollars. I received my money education the hard way—through life. J and Ted offer a better way.
I’m surprised I’ve never heard of this, as I’m around money all the time. Well, get ready for everything to change. I predict soon everyone will know their Money Values and Money Temperament. It’s that important.
Dr. J. Alexander and Ted may not know it, but their book will launch a movement. I think they may even change the money conversation. Behavior matters, and it’s time to put people before products. I’m with J on this, and I challenge you to join the movement. Help us change the world.
Daymond John
Businessman, Investor, Television Personality, and Author
ABC's Shark Tank, CEO, and Co-Founder of FUBU

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