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From The Cult to The Pulpit: A Coming Out of Experiences
Leeds Press Corp

From The Cult to The Pulpit: A Coming Out of Experiences

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Prepare to be encouraged by this book...
The cult portion of this story took place over forty years ago. Yet the effects of that experience have haunted me for decades. Manipulation, control, oppression, and involuntary servitude are what I experienced as a child. Unfortunately, those behaviors became seeds in the soil of my heart, affecting me in ways that most cannot imagine; all of it birthed on the platform of religion and a false faith. This book is moving, touching, transparent and real. When I realized that most people who come out of a cult never enter back into organized religion, I knew that God had His hands on my life.
My prayer and hope are that while reading this journey that you, the reader, will be encouraged that the same God that did it for me is able to do it for you.
Go ahead and open the pages so you can read a glimpse of my experience and while reading, you will gain the hope you need for your experience.

About the Author
Edwin Harris, often referred to as Servant Harris, has been married to Beverly Harris since 1994 and have three beautiful adult children - Jeremy, Kaylin, and Nadia. He serves full-time as the Senior Pastor of the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church in Harvey, Illinois. Servant Harris has come from humble and menial beginnings - and has watched the Lord navigate his life to where he is now. He has a heart for the community. Edwin has served as Director of Ministries, Executive Pastor, Chief Adjutant, Convocation Coordinator, and Secretary of the South Suburban Concerned Clergy. In all these roles, he simply enjoys providing his skills and gifts to bless and serve others. He is not only a new author, but he is also the owner of Descriptive Services (dba Descriptive Pen). Descriptive Pen is a new endeavor - a note taking business - launching soon to bring a Valuable service to others who attend classes, summits, conferences, meetings, and other gatherings - providing the service of professional notes to attendees. Edwin Harris is humbled in writing his first book: From the CULT to the PULPIT.

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