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I Choose Life: The Woman Who Led Worship
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I Choose Life: The Woman Who Led Worship

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I Choose Life

On May 18th, I endured a life-altering emergency, resulting in being rushed to the hospital due to severe pain. In a dramatic turn of events, I was declared clinically dead four days later, experiencing two episodes of ceased breathing, each cutting off vital oxygen to my brain and body. Miraculously, I was given a second chance at life, a choice I embraced wholeheartedly.
My recovery was a long and challenging journey, spanning three months in the hospital and an extensive period of recuperation at home. Against medical expectations, I regained abilities doctors doubted I would, including the use of my voice, particularly for singing. This experience taught me about the profound impact of our choices in life.
Fueled by determination and a strong sense of purpose, I held onto life with the conviction that my time had not yet come. As a newcomer in ministry, I was only just beginning to understand the path God had set for me. Inspired by Psalm 90:12, I believed that my days were not yet numbered, and I chose to fight for the life God intended for me.
Prompted by others' curiosity about my experience, I decided to write this book. It's a testament to the power of choice, prayer, and faith, highlighting how these forces can transcend even the grip of death. My story is not just about survival, but about embracing life with enthusiasm and gratitude.
In sharing my journey, I aim to offer inspiration and comfort, imparting principles that helped me overcome adversity. As a musician and a minister, I strive to tell my story authentically without being overly preachy, but acknowledging the crucial role of my faith and the divine guidance that shaped my journey. My hope is that readers will find encouragement and guidance in my story, leading them to their best lives.

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