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Life Altered, Not Over!: My Silent Journey to Wholeness
Leeds Press Corp

Life Altered, Not Over!: My Silent Journey to Wholeness

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About Life Altered Not Over!

I’m reminded of a line from a movie that said, “Why are you trying to blend in, when you were born to stand out?” Those words hit me like a ton of bricks. I could not shake them for months; they touched the very core of my being. That phrase kept resonating like a constant nightmare…it just would not go away. (Think about that statement for a moment.)
So many of us have spent our lives trying to ‘blend’ into a place for which we were not intended. Hiding not only from what we’ve been called to do, but who we truly are! We can trace this struggle as far back as our childhood and well into our adult lives, still with the questions remaining, “Who am I and why am I here? Where do I fit? Why and how have I survived so much in my lifetime?”
We travel through time trying to find our place in this world of complexity, desperately wanting to make sense out of life along with our constant pursuit of dreams that may or may not come to pass. We also face the drama of broken relationships and heartaches and for most, that seems to be an acceptable way of life. When we take a stroll down life’s boardwalk, it leaves us scratching our heads in awe. With furrowed brow we ask the questions: How did I get here? What was I thinking? When will this end? Where did I drop the ball? Why didn’t I see that coming? How? What? When? Where? Why? The onslaught of questions seems to have no end, rhyme or reason. Ahh, but there is an end…an unexpected end!
I wrote this book because those were my questions, as well as the questions of so many other people I know – male and female. I was on a quest to discover Debra’s true identity. I needed to know the light I saw at the end of the tunnel was indeed a light of hope and not the light of yet another oncoming train.
“Nothing can inspire us more than a human story with which we can all relate; a story that encourages us to believe in our own dreams and to have faith in the promises of a God who sometimes seems far away. Debra Winans, in this work Life, Altered Not Over! takes the courage to let us into the private rooms of her silent journey through many of life’s narrow passages, and brings us a reason for hope in our own altered lives. This book is destined to be a source of spiritual inspi-ration for all who explore the wisdom on each page.
Dr. Myles E. Munroe
Bahamas Faith Ministries
Nassau Bahamas

“Debra deals with the reality of pain and provides an essential tool for hurting people. Having the privilege of traveling around the world and meeting thousands of people (many times in intimate settings), I have witnessed countless pain and struggles that cannot be alleviated be-cause they do not have a “how-to-get-healed” tool. Debra has provided such a tool; this is a great read. Life, Altered Not Over! is a teaching manual and systematic healing tool.”
Bishop Tudor Bismark
Harare Zimbabwe,
Africa Jabula International Ministries

Life, Altered Not Over! is a must read! You and I will always have alterations on our journey to fulfilling purpose. How you respond to di-version determines whether you arrive at the intended destination of all humanity, the real Promise Land.
Debra Winans is bold, humble, and compassionate enough to al-low us to travel inside the aspects of her personal life that is usually off limits to the public. For many in the church, it takes courage to agree to divorce, especially when it involves a famous person. Debra did, and she shares her experience. Life, Altered Not Over! is a powerful guide to healing and restoration.
Deborah Bartlett President - CEO Network
Partner, Bartlett-McWeeney Communications

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