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Prophetical: Avoiding Missed Opportunities
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Prophetical: Avoiding Missed Opportunities

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About Marcus D. Thomas Sr.

Marcus D. Thomas Sr. is an inspired teacher and proclaimer of God's will, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and later moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There, he received the Lord as his personal savior and received his life's calling. At the age of 8, he received the Holy Spirit and began his spiritual growth, undergoing extensive ministerial training under Pastor Dorothy & the Late Elder Sam Glisper of Universal Peace in Christ Church of Milwaukee, WI. This training deepened wisdom and spiritual understanding, solidifying his belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and sole path to salvation.
As a prophet, Marcus D. Thomas Sr. has released timely prophetic words to leaders, churches, and nations, transcending cultural and ethnic barriers with his ministry.
He is the CEO of World Harvest Ministries International Inc., overseeing multiple church branches known as "Harvest United" across the United States. In addition to his Ministry, Prophet Thomas is involved in humanitarian efforts through " iWitness Ministry", providing for the homeless. He is also a serial entrepreneur with ventures in diverse sectors. Beyond his professional endeavors, he is a dedicated father to three children; Marcus Jr., Jayden Simone, and Olivia Jade. His journey from humble beginnings to global prominence showcases the transformative power of faith and his unwavering commitment to spreading the Gospel and uplifting Jesus Christ's name.

Endorsements for the Prophetical - Avoiding Missed Opportunities

Every now and again we are exposed to something that is extraordinary and unexplainable at the same time. Prophecy is what we've heard it stated before that it is to edify to comfort and to exalt. But every now and then there is a woe here and a woe there, messages of warning. The question is, is there a difference between prophecy and a prophet seeing? And I say yes. Prophecy and prophet- seeing. The prophetic is an office that is misunderstood widely. And few can bring great under-standing to something that we see as mystical. When I hear the word prophecy immediately my mind goes to Jeremiah, Amos, Moses, etcetera; and I focus on their writing. Is not just things that are written, prophecy is also a prophet seeing. Prophet see: prophecy. And the prophet that sees has the ability to lead from the future to see tomorrow, today. And give you directions on how to navigate your way through a world that God created and finished but it's now starting to be incomplete for you.
Every person needs a prophetic voice in their life. I believe this book is going to help you not only to under-stand the prophetic but also speak as an Oracle of God and watch things manifest. For not only does God speak through a prophet but he honors the word of the prophet. In this book you will learn how to trust God and not miss creative opportunities to speak things into existence that are in existence in your tomorrow that you called them into existence today. Prophet Marcus Thomas is a gifted old man trapped in a young body with extraordinary gifts into seeing and leading from the future. That is to say he sees things tomorrow, today. In reading this book you're going to find out would or tap into the part of you that God is installed in you as the believer and the prophet.
Bishop George G. Bloomer

I had the Prophet Marcus Thomas minister at our church. Absolutely phenomenal! The people were blessed, souls drawn to Christ. I can’t describe it. You need to experience the ministry of Prophet Marcus Thomas.
Bishop J. Drew Sheard

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