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The United States of America v.Julito
Leeds Press Corp

The United States of America v.Julito

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Julito's journey from a child lookout to the shot-caller of the notorious Creston Avenue Takedown, a $100 million empire known for its signature Mango Piña weed, is a harrowing tale of ambition, survival, and downfall. By the tender age of 12, he was already deep into the underbelly of drug dealing, climbing the ranks with a ruthless efficiency that would define his life. His rise to power in the dangerous streets of Creston Avenue in the Bronx is marked by a series of violent encounters and narrow escapes from death.
In "The United States of America v. Julito," this book explores the intricate dynamics of Julito’s world, where family ties and lifelong friendships are intertwined with the drug trafficking business. Despite the betrayals that unraveled his empire, Julito's unwavering silence during the Creston Avenue Takedown case earned him a formidable reputation. His story of not snitching resonated deeply, landing him 11 years in State and Federal prison while others turned informants to save themselves.
The book also explores Julito's case's impact on the lives of those involved, notably a former homicide detective, Luke Waters, whose 30-year career with the NYPD was so deeply affected by this case that he retired upon its closure. Waters later chronicled the case in his New York Times Best Seller, "NYPD Green."
Further enriching Julito's narrative is his unexpected involvement in the Reggaeton scene, where he rubbed shoulders with some of the genre's biggest platinum-selling artists. His life was even portrayed in the popular Netflix series El Ganador, which showcases the wider cultural implications of his actions.
"The United States v. Julito" captures the pulse-pounding suspense of Julito’s criminal endeavors and paints a poignant portrait of loyalty and betrayal in one of New York City's most infamous drug rings. This book is essential for those fascinated by the complex layers of crime, justice, and human nature.
"If this book teaches us anything, it is a stark warning of what might become of our sons if we, as parents, neglect them—leaving them adrift in a sea of trauma, loneliness, and hurt caused by drugs and violence. Our children will inevitably seek out what they lack at home in the unforgiving streets. The roots of such stories always trace back to the 
home. Just as Julito spent his childhood visiting his father in prison, only to mirror that same fate, his own children now navigate that painful legacy. The cycle of absence continues, a poignant reminder of the roles we play and the echoes we leave behind.

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